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Meet Dr. John W. Jung

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Multi-disciplinary Functional Medicine

Functional and Regenerative Medicine has come to the forefront of the most needed services in this time of crisis. After years of hard work and demanding studying, I began practicing as a Chiropractor in 1990 and an International Diplomat Acupuncturist in 2002. Due to the increase in autoimmune diseases and new information on brain trauma and inflammation, my studies continue and bring you the most up-to-date information on immunology, psycho-neurology, and anti-aging therapies.


I love to tell my patients the story of how I became a doctor -  


My story started with back pain caused by being run over by a car at age 22.  Traditional medical care failed to offer any solution. That experience began my journey into acupuncture, chiropractic and rehabilitation.


I was a hospice nurse before I became a doctor, but this major life event changed it all for me -- severe, excruciating, nearly paralyzing back pain.  The sort of back pain where even the slightest muscle twitch would send searing pain screaming through my body.  


I did what anyone who is not in the "know" would do…I went to a doctor and got pumped full of painkillers. He said, "take these pills and call me in a week."  Pretty much what we have all experienced--It did nothing to resolve my excruciating back issues, it just numbed the pain for a while.  


Soon afterward, a good friend of mine handed me an article about acupuncture and chiropractic.  I didn't know much about it and did not enjoy the idea of needles.  But my back pain was so intense I was desperate -- I had to do something.  So I did.  I went in for an acupuncture treatment …  afterward, I felt awesome-- like a new man! There was my inspiration!

My greatest joy is making sure that my patients don't have to suffer the pain and depression usually experienced with long term illnesses and injuries.


My mission is to help you and your family reach your optimal health goals .



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"Is arguably one of the best Chiro and Dr. around. Unlike many other Dr's "here is a pill and go away" approach, Dr. Jung really cares, looks deep inside the problem and fixes you, even beyond "typical orthodox" medicine.

One day my pregnant wife pulled her back, she was in bad pain,instead of punning of to another Dr. or different day, Dr. Jung took her in on his off hours! In addition to being a great humanitarian, he is a very smart and well rounded individual with lots of knowledge, like a walking " medical encyclopedia" :)."


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